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Open source virtualization system

Proxmox VE is an open source virtual systems creation and management system as well as being a perfect solution for all-inclusive business virtualization that tightly integrates KVM hypervisor and LXC containers, software defined storage and network functionality into a single platform and easily manage high availability clusters with disaster recovery tools with a web management interface.

With Proxmox VE you can optimize existing resources and increase efficiency with minimal expense. You can easily virtualize even the most demanding Linux and Windows application workloads and dynamically scale your computing and storage ensuring it remains adaptable for future growth.

Characteristics Proxmox VE

Proxmox VE is a powerful open source server virtualization platform for managing two virtualization technologies: KVM (Kernel Based Virtual Machine) for virtual machines and LXC for containers with a single online web interface. It also integrates ready-to-use tools and configures high availability between servers, software-defined storage, networks, and disaster recovery.

By combining two virtualization technologies on a single platform, Proxmox VE offers maximum flexibility to your production environment. Use full KVM virtualization for Windows, Linux, and lightweight container images to run applications without conflict.

Kernel-based virtual machine (KVM)

You will be able to create and manage Qemu / KVM virtual machines with Proxmox VE.
KVM is the industry leading Linux virtualization technology for virtualization. It is a kernel module merged with the main Linux kernel and works with near-native performance on all x86 hardware with virtualization support from Intel VT-x or AMD-V.

With KVM you can run Windows and Linux on virtual machines (VMs) where each VM has private virtualized hardware: a network card, disk, graphics adapter, etc. It will be able to run multiple applications on VMs on a single hardware, allowing you to save power while reducing costs while at the same time giving you the flexibility to build an agile and scalable software-defined data center.

Linux Containers (LXC)

LXC is an operating system level virtualization environment for running multiple isolated Linux systems on a single Linux control host. LXC works as a user-space interface for the contention features of the Linux kernel. Users can easily create and manage system or application containers with a powerful API and simple tools.

Live / online migration

With the built-in live / online migration feature, you can move virtual machines running from one Proxmox VE cluster node to another without any downtime or noticeable effect by the end user.
Administrators can initiate this process with scripts or the web interface, making it a simple process. It also allows you to easily disconnect a VM for maintenance or updates.

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