PHP automatic installation

Automatic installation of different PHP versions

This script will allow you to manage different versions of PHP for your web server (especially for ISPConfig installations). This supports the automatic compilation function with a very high optimization level (-O3 -march = native -mtune = native flags) for PHP> = 5.6. See the file to see them.

At each release, a new version of the file is imported from this repository, which guarantees always updated links and compilations.

How to use

We execute the following command and follow the instructions on the screen:

wget; chmod +x; bash

Currently supported platforms
Marked entries are also tested successfully.

  •   Devuan 1
  •   Devuan 2 (ASCII)
  •   Debian 8
  •   Debian 9
  •   Debian 10
  •   CentOS 7
  •   CentOS 8
  •   Ubuntu 16.04
  •   Ubuntu 18.04
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