How long take my hosting account get activated?

The period of activations varies for our hosting packages:

1- Shared, reseller, business plans

The accounts are activated automatically. It means that package is created on the server right after the order
completion and you will receive the welcome email with the cPanel login details right away.
If you order addons for the reseller package ( for example, WHMCS license, private nameservers etc ),
the billing team will create them manually and send the email with the information within 4 hours after the order.

2- VPS plans

Usually if this is your first order with us, our billing team will contact you with request for verification details. 
If the verification is not required, the VPS is setup automatically within 2 hours. Even if you receive the welcome
email instantly, we advise you to wait a couple of hours to start working on it, as for VPS with cPanel additional
time is required for cPanel/WHM to configure all its services on virtual machine.
However, if you order VPS with full management, the period of setup may take up to 4 hours in order for our
technicians to additionally configure VPS manually.

3- Dedicated servers

Our billing team always contacts the clients who order dedicated servers with us. It is necessary,
as we are highly concerned about the security of our clients and we take all the available measures to protect them. 
After the order is verified, the technicians proceed with setup of the server.
The period of setup is 12-24 hours. Once it is finished, the welcome email with all the details
for your server is sent to you.

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