GUI Gnome on CentOS 7/RHEL 7

Installing GUI Gnome on CentOS 7/RHEL 7

By default, the Linux installation is done with a minimum configuration, which is very convenient if we are installing to a future online service provider, but sometimes it may be the case that we need the Linux GUI or because we are not very used to use command line or simply because we prefer to use a GUI. Next we will see how to easily install the GNOME GUI in CentOS 7 / RHEL 7.

1. we are going to install the necessary packages for our GUI, executing the following commands.

CentOS 7:

# yum groupinstall "GNOME Desktop" "Graphical Administration Tools"


# yum groupinstall "Server with GUI"

With the advent of CentOS 7/RHEL 7 systemd has been introduced and the / etc/inittab file is no longer used to set the default runlevel. We can enable the GUI at CentOS 7/RHEL 7 system startup with the following command.

# systemctl set-default

As last to restart the system so that the changes are applied, with the following command.

# reboot

Login CentOS 7

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