Web hosting (4)

A web hosting service is nothing more than a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible through the World Wide Web. Let's see some of the different types of web hosting that currently exist among them are: VPN Hosting, Shared Web Hosting, Cloud, Web Hosting Reseller ...

Técnica support (19)

The most common technical assistance cases and questions resolved by our technical team. In which you can find important solutions or common technical problems in the main web hosting systems.

Database (4)

The most important points related to the installation and configuration of the principal databases such as: SQL, MySQL, PHPmyadmin, PostgreSQL, and others

Certificates SSL (3)

Los certificados SSL son una parte fundamental en la seguridad de nuestro sitio web y principalmente en la transmisión de datos ya que permiten encriptar la información que se envía, permitiendo mejor integridad y fiabilidad de nuestros datos.

Cisco (1)

Cisco has become the number one leader in creating hardware-based security systems for computer systems with products for routing (networks), security, collaboration (IP telephony and videoconferencing systems), data center, cloud and mobility (wireless). ).

Web domains (2)

The web domain is the first part in the structure and creation of our website, it generally represents what our web content is about in addition to allowing us to access its content through our domain.

Online sales managers (1)

The most popular online product and service sales managers, which could make your life easier in the management of your customers, sales processes, product management and service among other features very convenient in automating the sale of our products and online services.

htaccess (5)

The .htaccess file is a very convenient hypertext file to control, restrict or redirect our web content in addition to many other functions with which we can improve the performance of our website.

Linux (27)

Linux has become a very popular distribution globally due to the features it offers as an operating system. In addition to being an open source distribution It offers features such as: security, reliability, flexibility to adapt it to our needs, optimization of resources for better performance, among other features that can motivate and favor the use of any of its distributions.

Microsoft Windows (6)

Microsoft Windows has become one of the most popular operating systems on the market today, one of the main reasons why it is so important to know all its features and tools in depth.

Web Panel (28)

Web panels have become a fundamental base in the management and creation of websites, this popularity is due to the fact that they allow us to manage databases, ftp accounts, email accounts and other resources in a simple way.

PHP (7)

PHP is one of the most popular language systems for creating dynamic web pages with which we could create scripts that interact with our visitors, we are going to discuss points to keep in mind so that our PHP service runs on our system.

SEO (7)

Important points in optimizing our website for the best performance. The optimization of our website is part of the foundation to achieve the best performance of our site and thus offer our visitors a better experience, in addition to motivating better indexing by major search engines such as: Google, Yahoo!, Bing and others.

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