Google, indexing images

Best practices for indexing your images

Some recommendations and good practices that we must adopt according to Google for a better indexing of our images. Make sure the images on your mobile site follow the best image practices. Consider the following recommendations:

Provide high quality images. Do not use images that are too small or have a low resolution on the mobile site.

Use a compatible format for images. Do not use unsupported formats or labels. For example, Google supports images in SVG format, but Google's indexing system cannot index a .jpg image in the <image> tag inside an online SVG.

It does not use URLs that change every time the page loads for images. Google will not be able to process and index your resources correctly if you use constantly changing URLs.

Make sure the mobile site has the same alternative text for images as the desktop site. Use descriptive alternative text for images on your mobile site as you do on your desktop site.

Make sure that the content of the mobile page content is as good as the desktop page. Use the same descriptive titles, subtitles, file names and text relevant to the images on the mobile site as for the desktop site.

If your site uses different image URLs for the desktop and mobile site, you may see a temporary loss of image traffic while your site makes the transition to mobile indexing first. This is because the image URLs on the mobile site are new for Google indexing, and it will take some time for the new image URLs to get enough historical search results to get a better ranking. To avoid a temporary loss of image traffic use the same image URLs in both versions of your site. If you don't mind a temporary loss of image traffic, you don't need to take any action.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Picaraza Domains support team 24/7/365.

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