How to avoid indexing links by Google

Avoid indexing links by Google

We can avoid indexing URLs by Google on our website by adding the (nofollow) statement within the “href” tag, this statement is very important to indicate to Google not to follow the link address. If the URL of our link points to a directory, we will also have to let Google know through the robots.txt file that it does not index the content of the directory that our link points to. Example:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /directory/

If our URL only points to an external address, just add the statement (nofollow) to the HREF tag Example:

<a href="" rel="nofollow"> example </a>

Google recommendations:

rel attribute

Mark with the value sponsored the links that are ads or that you have been paid to place. These types of links are usually called paid links.

Use the sponsored attribute to identify links on your site that have been created as part of advertisements, sponsorships, and other compensation agreements.


UGC stands for User Generated Content and the value of the ugc attribute is recommended for links within user generated content such as comments and forum posts.


Add the nofollow value to your links if you don't want Google to associate your website with the content of the linked page or if you don't want it to crawl it by following that link. Use this value in cases where you cannot use any of the other values. To prevent Google from following internal links to your website, use robots.txt.

Various values

You can specify multiple rel values in a comma or space separated list. Examples:

  • Me encanta el queso <a href="" rel="ugc nofollow">Appenzeller</a>.
  • No me gusta nada el queso <a href="" rel="ugc,nofollow">azul</a>.
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