Features of the Virtualizor VPS manager

Virtualizor Administrator Panel

The main features of the Virtualizor VPS manager

Powerful control panel

Virtualizor is a powerful web-based VPS Control Panel that a user uses to deploy and manage VPS on servers with a single click. Virtualizor is compatible with KVM, Xen, OpenVZ, Proxmox, Virtuozzo, LXC, etc. with a built-in hourly billing system.

Integrated billing

Virtualizor has a built-in billing panel. Using this feature, administrators can create plans and prices for resellers and charge them for using virtual machines. The administrator can also configure the price of resources for the use of additional resources. It also has three integrated payment gateways (Paypal, Payumoney and 2checkout) to make payments and add funds in virtualizor. Billing can also be done in WHMCS if the administrator enables it.

Automated billing systems

Virtualizor supports remote creation of virtual machines. WHMCS / Blesta can be configured to create the VPS as soon as you accept the order (automatically or manually). Virtualizor offers a module for both systems, configuring them is really easy. You can manage VPS directly with these modules. The process is automated using Virtualizor API, so the desired VPS is automatically controlled on the server.
Ready-to-use OS templates

Virtualizor offers a set of ready-to-go predicate templates with minimal default installation allowing for quick system installation, Virtualizor provides you with over 100 quick start templates for Linux and Windows OS. Just a few clicks and the desired operating system template is automatically downloaded and installed on your VPS, it also offers the option of uploading an ISOS to our server and making it available for any installation from the ISO origin of the system.

High availability

Virtualizor supports the high availability infrastructure feature. High availability is the quality of a system or component that ensures a high level of operational performance for a specified period of time. High availability eliminates single points of failure in your infrastructure. A single point of failure is a component of your technology stack that would cause a service outage if it were not available.

Backup Automation

Virtualizor supports fully automated backups of virtual machines. Supports local and remote backups via FTP and SSH. You can configure the frequency of the backup on an hourly, weekly, daily and monthly basis.

Powerful Clustering

Creating Clusters with Virtualizor is very simple since you do not need to create the configuration required for its installation, with just a few clicks and automatically for all work. You can add and remove servers from the cluster in minutes. You can also monitor the resources like CPU, RAM and disk used by the main server or slave servers.

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