cPanel backups


This tool will allow us step by step and in a simple way the creation and recovery of the root directory of our website, MySQL database and email forwarders.

cPanel Backup

To access the cPanel database manager, we can do it through the following steps:


We could divide the Backup feature into two parts:

Backup or download creation
Restore a previous backup

cPanel Backup

Backup or download creation

Full backups: In this session we could create a full backup of our root directory that houses all the files on our website in addition to including the database of our website.

How to create a full backup:

cPanel Dolwnload a full Account Backup

We click on the button (Download a full Account  Backup)

cPanel email notification of backup.jpg

In this window we can indicate the destination of our complete backup that could be:

The Main Directory
A remote FTP server
A remote FTP server (passive mode transfer)
Backup (SCP)

In addition to allowing us to create a notification that will be sent to our email once the backup is finished. It is highly recommended to indicate an email since the backup could take several minutes to create the Zip.

Once our notification is configured, simply click on the button (Start backup)

cPanel Generate a Full Backup

Restore a previous backup

Restoring a backup could be very simple steps once we have generated our backup.

Types of backup restoration:
Backup of the main directory.
MySQL database backup.
Backup email filters

In the restoration of any backup we simply click on (choose File) and navigate to the directory that contains our backup and click (load)

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Picaraza Domains support team 24/7/365.

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