SitePad Website Builder

It is a tool integrated into your web panel account with which you can create your website in just three easy steps, with more than 400 predesigned templates for different areas such as: photography, design, work, etc...

cPanel Sitepad Website Builder

You can edit or customize the style of your template without the need for complex code knowledge, simply by selecting the template of your preference and following the installation steps.

cPanel Sitepad Website Builder

Once the installation is complete you can access the SitePad panel.

cPanel Sitepad Website Builder

In the SitePad panel we can edit the style of our template or select a different template.

cPanel Sitepad Website Builder

To install a different theme we click on (Add New Site) and follow the installation wizard.

cPanel Sitepad Website Builder

We select the theme of our preference.

cPanel Sitepad Website Builder

Website builder

This tool is included in our web hosting services and hosting reseller at no extra cost. Designed with the aim of minimizing the cost of creating a website by third parties and excluding the intervention of complicated codes for the creation of a professional website, adapted to the new compatibility trends for mobile devices, tables and desktop.

You can access the SitePad demo with username: webpane and password: webpanel, under Script -> Installers/SitePad. Note: Some panel functions are disabled for security reasons.

We offer you the opportunity to launch your custom website no matter what that great idea may be. Dare to take the first step of what could be a great triumph. You can get this service with our web hosting plans.

Access to SitePad Website Builder Demo

SitePad Website Builder Demo

SitePad Website Builder is a tool included in our services Web hosting and Reseller hosting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Picaraza Domains Ltd support team 24/7/365.
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