Features Softaculous Apps

Some of the features of Softaculous Apps

It is an application manager integrated in cPanel with which you can install more than 437 applications with just one click, in addition to the high number of applications that Softaculous has, it allows the creation of backup, automatic installation and other features that will help you the development of your website.

Softaculous Apps


One-click installation
Install applications in seconds with just ONE CLICK

437 applications
Wide range of applications to choose from

Daily updates
Get the updated version of the applications in one day

Easy to use API and SDK
Well documented and easy to use API and SDK for your convenience

Please refer to the script demos to experience the application before installing

Scores and reviews
Check the ratings and comments of the scripts to get an idea of what other users are feeling

Configure backups that can be restored if something goes wrong

Cloned facilities
Clone your website to test any changes before reaching your live site

WordPress themes
Install WordPress themes while installing WordPress

Most apps can be installed with your native language

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