How to install IonCube Loaders in cPanel and WHM

What is IonCube Loaders?

ionCube Ltd. is a software company based near Canterbury Kent, UK.

ionCube was founded in 2002 and introduced tools to protect software written using the PHP programming language from being viewed or changed and running on computers without a license. The encryption technology grew out of previous work on the PHP Accelerator project and in the first release included an online encryption service where PHP scripts can be loaded and a downloaded encrypted version has switched to a command line tool for Linux shortly thereafter. The tools use the compilation technique for bytecode before encoding to remove source code and reduce runtime overhead. A PHP extension called ionCube Loader handles reading and executing encoded files at runtime. Unlike CPUs, where compiled code from many years ago continues to run today on its derivatives, PHP's virtual machine instruction set has changed over time. The ionCube Loader uses the on-the-fly patching technique of compiled code in memory to achieve compatibility with running older files in newer versions of PHP.

Subsequently the encryption products were transferred to FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, the range of products was expanded to offer additional features such as product licensing and non-PHP file encryption. A Windows GUI was introduced in July 2004 that no longer requires the use of the command line for Windows users.

In 2004, ionCube introduced its Package Foundry, IPF, product for Linux and Windows. IPF allows web applications to be packaged as a Windows executable installer that can automatically deploy a web application to a remote server as well as perform various installation, configuration and browser tasks on the main page of the installed application.

ionCube also produces a product called the Bundler. Unrelated to PHP, Bundler is a Windows and Linux tool for producing self-extracting files for Windows.

In December 2010, ionCube released version 7.0 of its Encoder which includes support for the PHP 5.3 language.

In May 2013, ionCube released version 8.0 with support for coding the PHP 5.4 language. This was followed by a 8.1 release in October 2013 with changes including an updated enhanced security GUI and a feature to help select optimal security settings. February 2014 saw the release of Encoder 8.2 with some new features and most notably a GUI for OS X users. As of April 18, 2014, Encoder 8.3 was released with support for encoding features of the PHP 5.5 language.

In May 2015, ionCube released version 9 with support for the PHP 5.6 language syntax and new security features like decrypting compiled code using the generated algorithmic runtime instead of static keys, followed by version 10 with support for PHP 7.1 in August 2017.

Install IonCube Loaders in cPanel and WHM

Using EasyApache through WHM>>Software>>EasyApache>>Costomize, IonCube chargers can be installed by searching for "ioncube10" in the PHP Extensions List, selecting the corresponding package based on the PHP version installed and finishing the installation .


We introduce in the search engine (ioncube) and we can enable the installation of any of its versions.


In cPanel and WHM, in addition to installing the desired version through EasyApache, it is necessary to enable the execution of IonCube in Tweak Settings>>PHP>>ioncube

Installation of IonCube in Linux distributions

Another way to install IonCube is accessing with the user `root` through SSH and executing the following command (ea-php70-php-ioncube10), we could also install it to other versions of php like: php71, php72, php73, php74…

# yum install ea-php<version>-php-ioncube10

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